Grounded aircraft cannot generate profit. We offer air freight services for aircraft spare parts to airlines and operators of aircraft, as well as to maintenance centers. We understand the importance of low transit times, and offer solutions that will keep our client's fleet downtime at the minimum.
Our services
We are experienced in transporting aircraft spare parts via air, land or sea modes of transport. Our network of offices and agents enables us to provide comprehensive service, including the following:
Fast transit time:
Our long standing relationships with market leading carriers allows us to offer various routes with capacity at shortest notice
Customs clearance:
We have a dedicated team of custom's brokers, who will ensure that all your documentation is well prepared, so clearing customs becomes a breeze
In case you need to consolidate your shipments, or store some items for trans-shipments to further destinations, we can provide warehousing solutions
Oversized items:
In case you need oversized items to be transported, that would not fit on a regular flight, we can offer transportation on specialized freighter flights, or, if required arrange a charter flight
We offer "A to Z" logistics solutions, that include international delivery of spare parts for any type of commercial aircraft within 24-48 hours, customs clearance services, cost effective and reliable solutions for aircraft spare parts transportation, and suggesting an optimal route for any given task.
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