The fastest mode of transportation. Essential for urgent or perishable cargo
Passenger Flights:
Limited capacity, but lowest rates and fastest delivery time (due to the sheer volume of flights). Ideal for standard sized cartons that need to be delivered fast.
Large capacity, allows for oversized cargo. Ideal for bulk shipments, that need to be shipped in a single shipment, or for oversized cargo that cannot fit into narrow-body passenger aircraft.

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Air freight is the fastest mode of transportation. We are well experienced in transporting cargo by Air between United Arab Emirates and other destinations around the world. Our close relationships with all the major carriers allows us to ensure timely execution of your bookings, efficient handover procedures in the airport and flawless documentation support.

In case your cargo is oversized, we can offer wide-body passenger flight options, as well as specialized freighter flights, with capacity up to 130 tons.

Moreover, we can arrange consolidation and subsequent transit of cargo coming from several destinations to UAE, so that your end customer receives the goods as one shipment, if required.

Our experienced team will offer you the most time and cost effective solution for any specific cargo and route.
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