Air Freight of Perishables
One of the challenging tasks freight forwarders face is air transportation of perishables, such as fresh or frozen meat, poultry or fish, fresh berries, vegetables and fruits, conserves and other food products. When transporting perishables via air transport, it is of paramount importance to minimize transit time, control the temperature and insure safety of the transported cargo.
Our company transports perishables following strict guidelines. Perishables are shipped in the same date they are delivered to the airport. In certain cases shipment can be done next day, but only if the goods were delivered late and could not be handed over to the same day flight.

In general, air transportation is use for goods such as fresh or frozen meat, fresh or frozen fish, fresh vegetables, fruits, berries, sausages, conserves and other food items.

Cold storage
Transit time
Aircraft refrigeration containers
Important aspects when using air transport for perishables:

1. Maintaining temperature control throughout the shipment

2. Availability of cold storage facilities in related airports

3. Minimizing delivery time to the airport, handling time in the airport, time and temperature during the flight, offloading and delivery in the destination country, etc.

4. Possibility of using aircraft refrigeration containers.

5. Ensuring that all supporting documents are properly prepared, to avoid delays related to government approvals and clearances.

While air freighting frozen meat and seafood, special attention should be given to packaging. Meat products and seafood cannot be transported in the same packaging. Delivery of these items should be done in separate thermal containers only, as specified by health and safety rules.

While transporting fruits and vegetables, packaging should be durable and reliable, which allows to avoid damage and spoilage of the cargo.
We have many years of experience of transporting perishable cargo via air freight and reassure you, it is more complicated than it seems. However, this method of transportation can be very effective and profitable.

Using air freight to transport your perishables, you can rest assured for the safety of your cargo. Prior to each shipment, our team of professionals inspects the packaging and make adjustments if necessary.

Providing a full set of supporting documents (such as health certificates, invoices, packing lists, etc.) is of paramount importance to ensure timely delivery of perishables.

Our group has over 10 years experience in delivering foodstuffs and perishables. Vast experience, accumulated over these years, allows us to offer fully comprehensive solution for transportation of such cargo.

Our network of offices around Europe, Middle East and CIS region, enabled us to set up flawless logistic chains in order to provide door-to-door service to our customers.

Our services are used by restaurant chains, hypermarkets and retail traders. We also provide ship catering supplies to construction sites, oil and gas fields and mining companies.

We are always happy to respond to your inquiries and provide you with a 360 degree service related to shipment of perishable items..

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